Eve Online bot

11 Sep
Eve online bot for Npc Hunting, Salvaging&Looting. Designed for Astroid belts & Anomalies npc hunting as well as Salvaging and Looting Belts, Anomalies and Missions


H-Bot Npc Hunter is an Artificial Intelligent software which simulates a real player’s gameplay for the EVE ONLINE game. It manages to uninterruptedly hunt npc pirates at Asteroid belts and Anomalies and can touch the impressive 50-60 Millions ISK per hour income if used in null security systems. It’s optimized for 0.0 space but can be used as well in higher security systems. One of the most important features is it’s ability to monitor and understand the local channel. When a hostile enters the system, H-Bot Npc Hunter will automatically warp your ship to a safe spot, get cloaked and wait for local to become safe again. Once local is safe h-bot will wait for a configured amount of time and then continue ratting as before. H-Bot Npc Hunter has also Salvaging and Looting modes useful to clean all the wrecks left from Belts, Anomalies or even Missions NPCs and is all you could ask from an Eve Online Bot